Spring Honey Tour Announcement!

Well, folks! I am delighted to announce I will be touring the west coast this  May, beginning in Southern California and working our way up to Seattle, Washington! Click the music page above to get info about shows near you! I am tremendously privileged to be accompanied by two gifted and tasteful players, Gemma Rose Cohen on bass, and Walker Johnson on drums/samples. We have put something together that I feel is so beautiful and truly representative of what I want my next album to be, and so, in a way, you will be getting a sneak peak at my new record, which I hope to begin recording early next year. Some of the songs we are bringing you are old, reworked and reimagined and brought forward in a gentle light, and I feel like Gemma and Walker have a precious gift for really bringing the heartfelt intention of each of these songs forward. I really hope you love it, and I hope that I see you at one of our shows!!
Much love and humility in my lucky lucky life,